2017 Toronto New Urbanism Film Festival

The Toronto New Urbanism Film Festival is back!  Last year’s inaugural event was a great success and the event returns this year to the same venue – Innis Town Hall (2 Sussex Ave on the University of Toronto campus) on June 1 (Part 1) and June 7 (Part 2).

Tickets for the Double Bill (June 1 and June 7) are $17/Members and $20/Non-members

General Admission tickets are $12/Members and $15/Non-Members

Student ticket rates are $7 per student.

June 1st
Professor Shauna Brail – Department of Urban Studies, University of Toronto
Councilor Wong-Tam – Ward 27 Toronto Centre-Rosedale
Graham McNally – Architect, Toms + McNally Architects, Hamilton Tactical Urbanism
Jake Tobin Garrett – Policy and Planning Manager, Park People

Moderator: Helen Huang, CNU Ontario Chair

June 7th
Nancy Smith Lee – Executive Director for the Toronto Center for Active Transportation
Ryan O’Connor – Interim Executive Director 8-80 Cities
Yvonne Bambrick – Author, the Urban Cycling Survival Guide and founder of Cycle Toronto

Moderator: Olivia Labonte, CNU Ontario Vice-Chair

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June 1st 2017 – Screening time: 70 minutes

Caroline Woolard Flips the Real Estate Script

How can New Yorkers hope to stay put in a city where rents make living all but impossible? Impelled by her own personal experiences, artist and organizer Caroline Woolard advocates for permanently affordable space in New York City, banding together with artists and non-artists alike to build a real estate investment cooperative. The organization’s goal is to use individual member investments to inject capital into projects that turn vacant municipal properties into sustainable community resources and work with private owners to stabilize existing businesses and community spaces.

Arlington Passages: Nonie

Empty nester, Sister, Adventure-seeker. Meet Nonie! Faced with newfound freedom, an empty nester sets out to rediscover herself.

Thoughts on Parking

A look at how parking influences the design and use of our neighbourhoods and cities.

Accidental Parkland

Toronto is often perceived to be a flat geography, but the truth is that civil engineering has hidden a vast network of river ravines from our sight. Many people are unaware of this bounty of green spaces that add up to 30 times the area of NYC’s Central Park. We hope to change the way people see the nature we’re fortunate to have in our midst. These oases from the swirl of urban life will become even more important to our quality of life as our city continues to grow.

Urban Planning Lingo: A-Z

YouTube’s Chris Jones gives a quick and sarcastic primer on urban planning terms.


June 7th 2017 – Screening time: 74 minutes

Built to Last

A brief primer on New Urbanism, the movement’s vision for building places people love.

Downtown: A New American Dream – Trailer

Tells the story of Millennials and Baby Boomers moving back into cities looking for a new American Dream.

DTLA Street Futures

This short is an exploration into the future of streets and cycling in Los Angeles. Looking at CicLAvia as a model for testing the future, the video argues for a new design driven by issues of sustainability, affordability, and the pedestrian pleasures of leaving your car behind.

Velo Visionaries – Alicia Tapia

In Episode 3 of Velo Visionaries, we talk/ride with Alicia Tapia, creator of Bibliobicicleta, a free library on wheels that can be found weekly in The Panhandle in San Francisco. Alicia is also the librarian and digital literacy instructor at De Marillac Academy in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, and a Zen practitioner.
Velo Visionaries presents a series of interviews with great thinkers of today’s global bicycle culture from the point of view of the person behind the handlebars.


They say that when you die you go to paradise. It’s a lie. Paradise is here.

Denver ALMOST Has One of the World’s Great Public Squares

Denver has the opportunity to have a public square on par with the best Old-World squares found across Europe. Youtube personality Chris Jones, explains the placemaking principles for good public squares and suggests a few alterations to the Wynkoop Plaza in downtown Denver that could make it a thriving pedestrian / transportation plaza.

Julian Price

Using his family wealth, tenacity, witty, and incorrigible charm, Julian Price inspires policymakers and entrepreneurs to do the impossible — transform a vacant, deserted downtown into a liveable, vibrant center of commerce and culture.
Driven by the beauty of its landscape and the potential in its vacant Art Deco architecture, Price searches Asheville for the brave, hardworking dreamers, and provides them with a miracle — capital for expansion in exchange for improving downtown with their presence.
This film was paired with a compilation album between bands spanning all genres and the Asheville Symphony Orchestra. Bands include Steep Canyon Rangers, LIzz Wright, Rising Appalachia, Lovett, Doc Aquatic, and Matt Tonwsend. Grammy winning composers arranged the music to pair beautifully with Julian’s story of collaboration and intention.

The IDEA District

A new 21st century neighbourhood is emerging in downtown San Diego founded on the principles of innovation, design, education, and the arts- The IDEA District.

Bike vs Cars: The False Dichotomy

Too often discussion about bike policy and infrastructure is framed as hostile towards motor vehicles. However, policy and infrastructure that’s good for bikes is good for cars and pedestrians as well. The false dichotomy is not good for anyone

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