New Urbanist Group Supports Removal of Gardiner

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) has a strong history of advocacy for the design and building of sustainable and healthy cities across North America. CNU believes that replacing elevated urban freeways with surface streets, boulevards and avenues is the most cost-effective, sustainable option for cities with aging grade separated roads.

To implement this philosophy, CNU created the “Highways to Boulevards” and releases a biannual list of “Freeways without Futures” which identifies elevated highways across the globe that are in the most need of removal.  Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway is one of the few highways that has been named to the list in each of its four publications: 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014.  For more information on CNU’s Highways to Boulevards initiative, please visit:

CNU Ontario, the Provincial Chapter of CNU, supports this initiative.  Toronto now has the opportunity to remove a large section of this highway and make a lasting, positive impact on our core. CNU Ontario has just submitted a brief to the City of Toronto articulating in detail the group’s position.  The brief can be viewed here.

To arrange an interview, please contact CNU president, Adrian Cammaert at

CNU Ontario is the provincial Chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU). CNU is North America’s foremost advocate for advanced urban design.

CNU Ontario Reaches Out to Partners to Support Urban Design – Quality of Life Agenda


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Toronto – October 8, 2014 – The newly formed Ontario chapter of the Congress for the New Urbanism is taking steps to influence the development of Ontario’s cities. CNU Ontario – a sharply focused group of Ontario’s leading city planners, designers, developers and new urbanists – is mobilizing a responsive agenda to address the needs of Ontario’s cities and they are building their resources with the launch of a new sponsorship program.

“Our presence in Ontario offers an opportunity to provide an informed an amplified voice for urbanism across the province.  Our goal is to enhance the value and quality of urban life in Ontario and we are looking forward to building partnerships with organizations who share this vision. That partnership is the basis for our new sponsorship program,” says CNU president, Adrian Cammaert.

Companies who decide to become a CNU Ontario sponsor will gain increased visibility within Ontario’s influential development, planning & design communities.

Corporate sponsorship contributions will be used by CNU Ontario to offset the cost for

  • hosting social and educational events
  • bringing leading thought leaders on urban design and innovation to Ontario audiences
  • undertaking research and special projects that promote better urbanism in Ontario and the nation’s leading cities.

Details on the benefits offered to sponsors can be found on the CNU Ontario Sponsorship page.

To discuss sponsorship program details, please contact CNU Ontario Board member Eldon Theodore, MUDS, MCIP, RP, LEED AP at (905) 761-5588, ext. 213 or email