CNU Directors Present at OPPI Conference


Many municipalities across Ontaio are considering the move towards form-based zoning as new official plans and comprehensive zoning by-laws are completed.   Form-based zoning serves as a mechanism that can be used to advance community building from a site-specific scale to a community-wide scale.


At the recent fall 2015 OPPI Conference, CNU Ontario Directors Adrian Cammaert, Eldon Theodore, Ute Maya-Giambattista, and Michelle Dobbie led a charrette on developing a made-in-Ontario approach to form-based zoning.

The charrette reflected on the drawbacks of continuing to use conventional zoning by-laws and compared these drawbacks to the advantages offered by the form-based approach.

Participants were guided through an interactive exercise where they were challenged to take a real-world site and develop form-based standards that would permit specific built forms.

This charrette was an integral part of the process for one of the Chapter’s current initiatives, preparing a toolkit for Ontario municipalities interested in pursuing form-base zoning. 

The presentation is available here.