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Are you tired of your boring living room? Don’t worry, designer tips for a stunning living room arrangement are just a mouse click away! Since many of us have only spent a few minutes re-modeling the furniture in our living room just to prepare for that yearly Super Bowl party (or even rearranging it once the party is over) to get things in order for the coming year, thought this is as good a time as ever to share with you some living room design ideas. With a little bit of help, you can turn your lifeless living room into a beautiful place to dine out on, play games, watch sports, or simply relax with your family and friends. But before we get started, just keep these design ideas in mind:

First, let’s look at some basic living room planning strategies. The first step is to map out the size and shape of your living room on graph paper using a Sharpie marker. Be sure to include all the areas of the room that will be open to guests and/or family as well as where the furniture will go. For example, if you have a bar area you will need to include that in your graph paper. You can also determine the number of seats you want for your seating and mark that on your graph paper as well.

Now let’s take a look at some specific suggestions for setting up specific seating arrangements to create a focal point for your living rooms. The focal point can be a single piece of furniture such as a sofa, love seat or accent table. You can also use artwork and fabric for a focal point. For example, instead of using an armoire as the focal point for your small living rooms, you could fill the room with antiques and framed needlework to create a beautiful display. Another option would be to fill the room with an arrangement of candles that compliment the colors and designs on your wall and floor coverings.

The next step in this process is to determine what arrangement of furniture you will use for your seating. In general, a rectangular arrangement is the best way to use sofas in small spaces. Square or rectangular sofas are easy to manage and seat. They also create a streamlined effect when they are positioned in the center of your room.

Seating can also be arranged around a display case, which can be a tall storage cabinet and several smaller tables surrounding it. When arranging your seating area around your central focal point or display case, remember to choose tables that compliment the style and colors of your display case. For example, if your case is made of glass top, choose tables with glass tops. If your living room furniture is black and white, go for tables with black and white chairs.

If you do not have the space or the money to display your wares in a retail setting, consider designing your own arrangement to create a conversation area. Create a diagram or draw up your own arrangement using graph paper and carpenter’s pencils, and follow the guidelines above. Remember to leave enough space between each table for visitors to walk around and to leave enough room for comfortable conversation.

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