Tactical Urbanism Event in Guelph


On August 1st a tactical urbanism “happening” will take place in the City of Guelph in an area of the city known as the Wilson Street underpass.  Masters of Landscape Architecture (MLA) students from the University of Guelph are planning a special tactical urbanism event in the underpass to tie in with the annual celebration of the city’s founder, John Galt, on the first of August.

The story of the underpass goes back 180 years to 1827 when Galt started plans to develop a market for locally grown produce.  The initial “Market House” didn’t last, but by 1851, merchants began to lobby for a new building.  After five ears the new Market House was built and that building eventually became what is now City Hall.  That development spurred the creating of the farmers’ market the residents of Guelph enjoy today.

The Wilson St. underpass was built to provide citizens access to the popular downtown area without having to cross the railroad tracks.  The underpass is known as a historical “gateway” to the city and is directly adjacent to both the Farmers’ Market and the Market Square.

MLA students feel that the historical gateway is underutilized as an urban space.  The students will be transforming the space into a promenade for community engagement during John Galt Day activities on August 1st.





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